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Private one to one English lessons. Fun, dynamic & professional ....

with 30 years of language teaching experience.

“Mary is a clever and well prepared teacher. In my life I took lessons from many teachers, in English and French, but Mary was the best, because she is really interactive with you; with her, you'll never feel only a student, but part of a learning project.” Ignazio Giovanni Patrone, Italian Liaison Prosecutor at the French Ministry of Justice, Member of the European Commission's Expert Group on Criminal Policy

Mary Rendall. 1-1 English tutor, London native.

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“ Mary is a great SKYPE teacher especially in business English, in every lesson I get a better understanding of business language.”

Zelimkhan Dzhaliev. President Diatech Lic, Moscow.

Learning a language opens up the entire culture ....  you’ll enjoy London even more than you already do.

I am very experienced at creating custom English language teaching programs for my professional clientele ..... who need and want those finishing language touches ... making the most out of their English lifestyle experience.

Please contact Mary today, and together we will create a results oriented custom program for

your individual needs in London or on Skype.



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Located in London.

Business CTEB - London Chamber of Commerce and Industry

General CTEFLA - University of Cambridge

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